Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lol! See how Lagos state Gov. Fashola dissed Pres. Goodluck Jonathan

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola addressed youths at a summit organised by the Youth Wing of the (APC) in Lagos yesterday Nov. 11. Speaking on the theme of the summit, "A New Nigeria by New Nigerians", he said that after years of Pres. Jonathan leading Abuja, first as an acting president and later his four-year presidential tenure, the Federal Capital still has challenges of irregular power supply, water shortage, poor accommodation, poor transportation, poor traffic management&security.

"If Mr. President had managed the FCT well, there should be regular power supply at the centre of attraction in the country. I was in Abuja recently and I got hooked-up in traffic. So many things are not working in Abuja, the seat of our federal government. In Lagos, we have strived to add value to peoples' lives and living. We have demonstrated what a good government should be seen doing and that is why Lagos is attractive to people from far and near. The president should transform Abuja first for people to see. A new Nigeria that we desire should be a safer and more secured Nigeria, where our children will not be kidnapped and we will not be bombed out of existence but can live our lives to the fullest and we can enjoy electricity. In the new Nigeria, citizens expect government to account for resources and put an end to the frequent disappearance of billions of dollars from the federation account without cogent explanation." He said

Though, it's all an effort to score political points, but really, shouldn't Abuja be the perfect specimen of what Nigeria should look like?

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