Wednesday, 12 November 2014

GEJ Vs Buhari: Who's got more crowd? (PICS)

Buhari Vanguard, a Buhari campaign organisation on their Facebook page this morning compared the crowd at Buhari's Declaration a few weeks ago at Eagles Square and President Jonathan's Declaration yesterday at the same venue. Below is what they wrote:

"The turn out at President Jonathan's declaration at the eagles square in Abuja yesterday, irrespective of the billions of Naira spent to rent people is a clear indication that President Goodluck Jonathan is on his own with his ambition. Muhammadu Buhari of the APC declared at the same Eagles square and there was no space for people to even stand. No one was given a kobo to attend, but yesterday, Nigerians embarrassed Goodluck Jonathan and PDP even with financial inducement. The first is the Picture of Jonathans declaration at eagles square yesterday and the second is Buharis declaration at same place. We move on.."

Yea, the above photo is from Buhari's declaration, while below the photo they shared from GEJ's declaration yesterday...

Who has more crowd?