Saturday, 18 October 2014

Photo: Is smoking weed destroying Wizkid mentally?

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Most people will tell you that Wizkid's arrogance lately is on another high level. Unlike the young, humble, innocent Wizkid Nigerians used to know, this young man has been talking back at everybody including his fans like someone who is high on some hard drugs. No more courtesy from him. Continue to read...

Days back, the producer who gave him his first set of hits in life, Samklef took a jab at him during an interview saying that fame has gotten to his head. Although Wizkid has replied Samklef saying he has nothing but love for the producer, Samklef in the interview with Notjustok exposed Wizkid's addiction to smoking weed and Marijuana while also expressing concerns that the dangerous substances is actually affecting his brain.
PHOTO: Wizkid Smoking His 'Thing'

Concerning Wizkid's fight with Davido, Samklef even says Davido is a cool guy and that Wizkid is the arrogant one here. He explains;

"Why I'm crying out loud right now is that Wizkid has been saying a lot of things about me and I needed to clear the air. You cannot spoil my own show business. You cannot be spoiling people's name. Like take for instance, Davido and Wizkid fight, I'm gonna say this right now: Davido was a cool guy. Davido invited Wizkid for Dami Duro video shoot. You people should understand that the issue is not Davido. Ths issue is Wizkid himself. He is smoking too much of Weed and Marijuana and it's affecting him mentally. He should just calm down."


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