Saturday, 25 October 2014

Iranian woman hanged for killing 'man who tried to rape her'

By Morakinyo Olugbiji|For instant gists, ff @splendor_online|BB:2288C601

Despite calls from many human rights bodies including Amnesty International calling on Iranian judiciary to halt the execution but, 27 year old Reyhaney Jabbari (pictured above), was executed today October 25th by hanging.

7 years ago, she stabbed to death Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former intelligence officer whom she claimed had attempted to rape her. She was then sentenced to death in 2009.

A court ruled that she killed Morteza on purpose because she had bought the knife two days before she stabbed him in the back with it. In her defence, Reyhaney said she'd stabbed the man out of self defence. The court overruled her claims and sentenced her to death, a ruling which was upheld by Iran's Supreme court.

The execution was carried out today after the victim's family refused to pardon Reyhaney or accept money from her family.

Her mother confirmed it, saying Reyhaney was hanged in a Tehran prison very early this morning.

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