Thursday, 25 August 2016

SPLENDORMAG EXCLUSIVE: Meet Top 10 Nigerian Music Stars From Very Wealthy Homes

Music in Nigeria was considered a profession for the have-nots. Wealthy and elite parents in the past may even disown their children for opting for such a career instead of the 'serious' professions. Many years back, the likes of legendary King Sunny Ade (a prince from Ondo state) had to abscond from home to be able to practice music.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Unbelievable! See the N200million Lamborghini Countach that has rusted in Abule Egba, Lagos

Is this real or are we dreaming?

This abandoned Lamborghini Countach which has an estimated price tag of N200million ($500k) was spotted in Abule Egba, Lagos by an instagramer @teatealorpeyy.

What's love got to do with it? Lol

Spotted in a Kenyan Newspaper... 


Follow the massive backlash that has emanated from the jailing of a man,, who named his pet dog after President Buhari, comedian

Lady on Facebook makes shocking confessions of what her parents' pastor did to her during deliverance (Photos)

Facebook user, Honey Phoenix Evarist took to her Facebook page to narrate how a pastor her mother took her to for deliverance in Auchi, Edo state almost abused her s3xually in 2013. She wrote

Photos from John Kerry's meeting with Pres Buhari, Minister of Foreign Affairs and some state governors. WILL HE HELP US GET THE 'CHANGE'? '

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, had a meeting with President Buhari at the state House Abuja. He also had a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama and some state governors. Will his visit help us get the change faster? Nigerians are asking..

Happy Married Life(or something like it) to actress Funke Akindele (Photos)

See her finger!  A couple of months ago, the love between Abdulrasheed Bello with stage name JCC Skillz and Funke Akindele became public when she took to his social media page to wishbhim a happy birthday and declared her love for him. They both later traveled to London to see the guy's relatives and his children from previous relationship. Now, it looks like they are both official married and they might have done that secretly. On her finger is a wedding band and her engagement ring. Therumour has been flying round, but this seems to be a confirmation. But webdare not contact Funke Akindele for confirmation,  she is an arrogant whatever. We just thought to let you know.  Meanwhile, Funke clocked 40 years today! She done old o! JJC wished her a happy birthday and referred to her as FAB, which many insisted means Funke Akindele Bello.  

See your life? You are on a salary of N60k & you use N150k phone.Jus see the phone billionaire Otedola is using

Check out billionaire businessman Femi Otedola and his 'oldschool' gadgets. His daughter Temi shared this via Snapchat...While some of you are wasting your financial future on seasonal gadgets, the man uses a phone this archaic and he is still pogressing in life! You better shine ya' eyez. Ok oo

Bukky Wright's son, Gbenga romances her in new photos

They were both pictured at the Lagos at 50 celebration held over the weekend. If you didn't know him to be her son, you would think that's her toyboy. Meanwhile, Gbenga whose nickname is Ojayy,  is an artiste and is in a very sizzling romance with well endowed actress, Moyo Lawal.. 

WOOD YOU RIDE THAT? Checkout the car built by a secondary school student in Niger state from wood

This wooden car was constructed by a secondary school student in Niger state.  Here is the thing,  you are probably thinking this is trashy and backward.  Right?, but just imagine if this boy has equal opportunity and resources like his peers in the developed world. #NigerianDream!