Thursday, 18 December 2014

Heavy Traffic on 3rd Mainland Bridge, as bus goes on fire

A commuter bus is currently on fire on 3rd Mainland bridge very close to the Iyana Oworo bus stop and is causing serious traffic on the bridge. Men of the fire service are yet to arrive the scene...

Exclusive Pics: King Saheed Osupa employs K-Solo for Hiphop Album + Features Tiwa Savage, Phyno, MI & Reminisce

Popular Fuji singer King Saheed Osupa has been busy in the studio with K-Solo, the popular producer of Timaya's first hit album, for a Hiphop album. This Saturday,they are dropping one of the songs already produced, titled "Vanakula". The album will follow suit. It features collaborations with M.I, Tiwa Savage, Phyno and Reminisce. This is the first Hiphop album of King Saheed Osupa in his over 36 years career. Another Pic below...

Nollywood actor Benson Okonkwo shares 2014 Christmas photos

Christmas came early for eccentric Nollywood actor and entrepreneur, Benson Okonkwo. He shared with us these photos of himself in Santa Claus costumes. This year has no doubt been a great one for the Enugu based actor who acted in many blockbusters and was constantly in the news. Hohohoho..Merry christmas in advance Benson. More photos below...

Pastor Adeboye disowns twitter handle endorsing Prof Osibajo

Ok, let's not shout Hallelujah yet..:) Pastor Adeboye through his verified Facebook page has disowned the Twitter handle, @RCCGWorldwide which tweeted endorsing Prof. (Pastor) Yemi Osibajo, a RCCG pastor, who emerged Mohammadu Buhari's running mate yesterday. In the Facebook post, Pastor Adeboye said,

"On behalf of The Governing Council of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, we would like to inform the public that RCCG is not affiliated nor represented by @rccgworldwide. The church's official twitter page is @rccghq. The church cherishes the right of all citizens to participate in the democratic process to vote."

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

More photos of APC presidential candidate Gen. Buhari with his running mate, Pastor Osibajo

Former Attorney General of Lagos state, Prof. Yemi Osibajo who is also a Pastor at the Redeemed christian Church Of God, was today picked by APC to be Buhari's running mate in the 2015 Presidential elections. See more photos of them together below...

Lola Omotayo explains how she was sexually abused in high school & physically abused in university (Must-Read)

Some men are mad sha! How can you dare lay a finger on a woman this beautiful? Na wa o...While addressing a group of young women at Kinabuti's Dare2Dream Master Class event held in Lagos recently, Peter Okoye's wife and mother of 2, Lola Omotayo revealed that she suffered sexual abuse by a priest when she was in secondary school and beaten black and blue by a boyfriend in the university. She said she never told anyone about the molestation because she didn't believe anyone would believe her

"I couldn't tell anyone because everyone would blame me, so I carried on the guilt and bitterness with me for years. I was filled with hate and I became an angry person, I was rebellious, I didn't want to listen to anybody…and because I wanted to be expelled from school to avoid seeing this person, I would do so many terrible things, everything around me was just so negative, I felt I wasn't good enough."

'I moved on to the university, met the love of my life and I'm like, okay this guy is cool, he loves me but he started to abuse me.

I was beaten black and blue all the time, in front of friends, in public and at a point, I felt, you know what,

I am not worthy enough, there is nothing about me that is nice, nobody loves me but I hid this from my family. I felt like a loser, so it was hard for me to focus. But one day, I woke up and said I am going to change my story and I dumped that person, focused on my education and decided to be serious and be something. I decided to get a job and go to school full time in America.'

She said she worked hard to make her own money so she could be independent and not have to rely on any man.
She said being independent and making her own money helped her build her confidence and pushed to achieve more in life. She then talked about her husband, Peter Okoye

"Look at my husband, when I met him, peeps were like what are you doing with him, he has nothing but I stood my ground and chose to stick with him because he had a dream. He and his twin brother did not let their dream die, they worked hard, look at them today! I stuck by him because he had focus and drive and today I am happy, I have a good life, we are happy and we have got a beautiful family. No one can make you a loser.'.

Watch the video here...

Sensible Talk! What Banky W thinks about non-selection of Fashola as Buhari's running mate

We all know, Yemi Osibajo has been announced as the running mate of Presidential aspirant Muhammadu Buhari. However, Banky W insists that the winner should have been Fashola. Yemi was picked because he is a christian while Fashola is a muslim. Banky W also goes on to speak on how religion and tribe often divides us. See another tweet below...

Why I turned down offer to be Buhari's running mate-Bola Ahmed Tinubu opens up

Here is a statement released by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu regarding his withdrawal from consideration for the APC Vice- Presidential Position.

I am a Nigerian who loves his country and am hopeful about what it can become. I have seen and conducted myself as a patriot long before I thought of myself as a politician.  I shall always walk this line and no other.
After all the political calculations are made and the dust of competition has settled, it must be this nation and its people who  stand first and foremost.
The question becomes whether we stand strong, able to shape ourselves into our best future or will we stand frail and trembling, burdened by the abject failure to surmount the multiple problems confronting us.

 It against this backdrop that I assess any action I take. Here I come
to my name being placed in consideration as the Vice Presidential
candidate for our party, the APC.  I have labored hard to move this
party from being merely an idea in the minds of a few into being a
political organization that might win this election and govern the
nation in way that gives the people the hope and opportunity they
seek. Nothing is more important to me than to realize this dream not
for myself but for the people of this land I so love.

I helped to build this party, giving no thought to seeking an elected
office because of it. My contribution to the party was never based on
the expectation of a later political handout. Nigeria is in trouble
and we are well past the moment for such narrow, selfish games.

There came a time during the course of the events when our
Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari offered the Vice
Presidential slot to me.  Being a normal human being, I was deeply
moved and honored that he would consider me for the position. Being a
patriot, I had to weigh my potential candidacy in all of its

I have concluded that the interest of the party, our campaign and of
the nation are better served if I retain my position as the National
leader of the APC, allowing me to be a bridge builder across all
divides.  Although, I declined the position, I want to thank General
Buhari for extending the honor to me. Despite all the noise and
opposition around my possible selection, he stood firm and steadfast.
He showed the traits of a leader in holding to a decision he believed
was right despite the errant plots against it.

When my name was raised, the political hatchet men tried to chop it
down with rumor and lies. Over the years, I have developed a thick
skin. The personal attacks did not bother me. I am used to them. While
I have a thick skin, I don't have a thick mind.  There has been one
form of attack that has troubled me. That is the attack based on
religion. The PDP and others have stoked fear of a Muslim- Muslim

I have removed myself from consideration so what I now say cannot be
seen as self-serving.  I plead with the people of this nation to never
allow the power lust of cynical politicians to set brother against
brother, neighbor against neighbor. If you look at those politicians
who raise this issue the most, they are the least devout and faithful
to any religion other their self-interests.

Nigeria has too many secular problems – insecurity,  economic
collapse, poverty , corruption and misgovernance – to allow inept
people to use religion to keep us from solving these challenges for
the benefit of all.

Those who exploit religion should be wary. For there really is a God
and he does not like it when you play with his people or use His name
to do the opposite of what He intends.

I ask the people to remove religion from the electoral equation now
that the tickets of both parties are mixed.  I ask you to select the
ticket best able to end the downward slide that Nigeria has endured
since this government took over. I ask you to remember that too many
Christians and Muslims are poor. Most of all, I ask you to remember
that the true religion of the PDP is poverty,  APC come to bring
prosperity to the people.  Please vote for that.

The Nigeria I see is a nation that shall overcome. The Nigeria I see
is a nation ready to sweep aside the broken ways of our recent past
and the government and politicians who impose distress upon us. The
Nigeria I see and seek is one where each person, every man, woman and
child may live free of terrorism, free of the despair of poverty and
free of the fear that the government meant to serve and protect them
has turned its back to them  in cold and utter indifference.

I see and seek a Nigeria where progressive democratic governance
creates the political and economic space needed for each of us to
contribute to rescuing and retooling this nation. And, in the process
of this benign endeavor, may each and every one of us share in the
sound promise and good prosperity that shall describe the architecture
of our national revival.

However, not everyone that shouts the name of Nigeria believes in this
vision. There are many who would have you laid low and our future
tossed asunder that they may persist in reaping the unjust reward of
their selfish ways. There are wolves in sheep clothing and even
jackals in wolf's clothing. I have seen them but not as residents in
some strange zoo. They populate the halls of this diminished
government and the party from which this government was born.

We have come to the field of fateful choice. We have been brought to
test the scales of weighty decision. Shall we lift this nation upward
so that from its higher vantage point we may clearly see the road to
our better destiny? Or shall we continue to march the march of fools
into the dark of darkness. The current path has but one end. It shall
take us into the den of national collapse. We have gone far enough
down this wicked avenue to be aware of what its continuance portends.

We must awaken of our own accord, my dear people, before the bell of
doom rings upon us. If we wait until that moment, we would have waited
too long. Our future, our fate, our destiny would have been cast into
the snare of utter misfortune. This is not the song of greatness. It
is the poetics of ruin.

For me, political ambition will never triumph over patriotic
conviction. This delicate moment affords no space for emotion to
intrude to blind us from what is best. The APC is the best and only
vehicle to enact the progressive and broad change this nation cries
for.  I eagerly lend myself to this fine cause without me having to be
on the ticket.

This is a time for cohesion and an overriding sense of mission. We
must defeat the foe before us and resist all temptations intended to
entice us to fight among ourselves.

I sincerely commit myself to the rescue agenda of General Buhari and
Professor Osinbajo.

I declare to you, I will work and dedicate myself so that our ticket
succeeds and wins the 2015 election -- not for his good, not for my
good, not even for the party's good but for the good of the nation we

Some may call what I have done a sacrifice. I call it otherwise. It is
my patriotic contribution and duty. I do so with a happy and uplifted
heart and clear conscience because I have committed myself to seeking
the best for this nation before seeking what is good for myself. This
is the creed of statesmanship I chose to follow. May this be the creed
of our party as General Buhari leads us to historic victory in the
2015 elections.

May the light of a bright future always shine on you and on our
beloved nation, the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
December 17th, 2014

Apart from changing to a dinner suit, nothing else has changed about Buhari - PDP comes for Buhari again!

PDP has attacked Gen. Buhari again. In a statement they released this afternoon welcoming the APC presidential candidate to the presidential race. The party said apart from Buhari changing to a dinner suit in his election campaign pictures, nothing else has changed about him. Lol.

Find their statement below
2015: PDP Welcomes General Buhari To The Race, Insists Jonathan Is The Best
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has welcomed the emergence of former Military Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari as the Presidential flagbearer of Bola Tinubu's All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 general elections.

This will be the fourth time General Buhari will be contesting in the presidential elections. On each of the three previous occasions, he failed to articulate a vision of the future that was acceptable to Nigerians. On each occasion his brand of politics was rejected across Nigeria. Apart from changing to a dinner suit, Buhari, has not changed the tired ideas and provocative utterances that Nigerians rejected in previous elections.
 We hope that this time round, General Buhari will conduct a campaign  that is issue based and devoid of ethno-religious sentiments.

We are convinced that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) remains the only truly National Political Party in Nigeria, a platform on which all Nigerians can pursue their legitimate aspirations.
We also believe that despite the distractions, President Goodluck Jonathan has a genuine record of accomplishments on which to run and deserves a second term. President Jonathan's re-election will guarantee Unity and Stability for Nigerians. His second term will also deliver prosperity to Nigerians.

Finally, in the words of our own President "The choice before Nigerians in the coming election is simple: A choice between going forward or going backwards; between the new ways and the old ways; between freedom and repression; between a record of visible achievements and beneficial reforms – and desperate power-seekers with empty promises."

Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary

Popular Psychologist Adejoro Olumofin writes to Single Ladies above age 30

Letter To The Ladies Volume 5. (Because you're 30 and single doesn't mean you should throw in the Towel) - written by Flamboyant Psychologist Adejoro Olumofin

As a result of the pressure from friends, family and close associates, when some ladies reach age 30 and there are no visible suitors in sight, they develop some Personality Traits or Defense Mechanisms which may not be in their best interest because they conform to societal views and build a mindset that makes them see less of themselves like they think society does. They then believe there's little or no hope at all for them anymore and they are emotionally tired of making themselves available to potentials.

For example they stop going out totally, stop bothering about their makeup or fashion acumen, they say things like " I'm too old to do this, I'm too old to attend this function / event" or too old to go to the club, looking down on every guy who may not be their preference because they have achieved alot at their age and some guys may not meet their standard or pay grade and all other excuses.

What they don't know is that by staying indoors and saying i'm too old for this and that, or being overly picky, they lose out on chances to network and socialise so how will they meet people or even Mr. Right?  If you're interested in settling down, no guy will break into your house to court you.

From my first hand experience, i have some lady friends who are 30 years old and above who still look smashing and stunning and also give  21 year old Ladies a run for their money, they also have loads of potentials and suitors.These ladies have not allowed the " 30 year Old syndrome" and societal pressure get to them, rather they are living gracefully while trusting in God. 

Ladies, If you don't see the good in yourself or your potentials, no one will. Say no to the societal pressure and live life rather than get broken.
You wont overcome this phase if you're emotionally broken. 

Lets encourage our sisters and friends dealing with this "Pressure" because society and its norms are not too friendly towards them. 

In my opinion 30 is the new 25 and age is just a number and state of mind. The way you carry yourself emotionally,  physically,  spiritually and Psychologically determine how a guy will treat you not your age.

#DoktorMofin #Psychology #Volume5
Read more articles on Adejoro Olumofins instagram page : @joroolumofin

See why this first photo of Buhari together with running mate, Osibajo is generating talks

Gen. Buhari is quite a tall man, but who knew this is how his running mate will look beside him? One of APC's media aide shared this photo of the Presidential aspirant with his running mate, Redeemed pastor Prof. Yemi Osibajo, on twitter and it went viral on social media in seconds as people compared their amazing height difference. Good luck to them, but what's height got to do with it? :)..

Let Somebody Shout Hallelujah!!! RCCG celebrates as their pastor, Osibajo becomes Buhari's running mate (Photo)

Lol! The Redeemed Christian Church of God just took to its twitter handle to celebrate the emergence of Prof Yemi Osibajo, an associate pastor of the Church, as the presidential running mate of the APC. Let somebody shout Hallelujah!!! Hehe! :)

Photos: Warri billionaire, Ayiri Emami invites BBA Runner Up Tayo over, after challenging him to prove he is the real Big Brother

There were rumours that Warri-based billionare business man Ayiri Emami gave BBA contestant Tayo Faniran $350k, a report he later denied and challenged him(see his tweet below). But Tayo returned to Nigeria on Monday and has already gone to see the man. What we don't know yet is if the billionaire has given him the rumoured $350k, which is even more than the $300k prize money given to Tanzania's Idris who won the show. That's 2face Idibia with Tayo and Ayiri in the photo above when he saw him this week. Below is what Tayo said last week when he denied the rumour, and another photo of him with Ayiri...

Xmas Shame! LIRS staff scramble for Christmas gifts (Photos)

The look like chicks in a litter scrambling for feeds! There was commotion & traffic within their annex office building in Alausa yesterday after the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, LIRS, a major revenue generating agency of the Lagos state govt shared Christmas gift to their staff. They got bags of rice & plenty other stuff. Are they that poor? See more pics below...

Buhari picks Pastor Yemi Osibajo as running mate (Read His Profile)

APC Presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has chosen erudite scholar, former Attorney General of Lagos state, and Pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Prof. Yemi Osibajo as his running mate for next year's general election.

Professor Yemi Osibajo is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN and Senior Partner in the Law firm of Simmons Cooper Partners. Yemi Osibanjo is a professor of law and was the head of department of Public Law at the University of Lagos (1997-1999).

His tertiary education was at the University of Lagos and the London School of Economics and Political Science obtaining the LLB and LLM degrees respectively.

Previously served as the Special Adviser to the Attorney General of Nigeria (1988-1992), he later became the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Lagos State in 1999 reappointed for a second term in 2003. During the period of his public service, he commenced the Lagos State justice reform project. A prominent feature of that project was the establishment of the Directorate for Citizens' Rights (DCR) which provides free legal services and legal representation to indigent citizens of the state. This initiative gave a voice to many who would otherwise not have a way to access their rights.

Prior to that appointment, Osibajo, a Professor of Law, was the Head of Public Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos.

He is also the Ethics Adviser to the Advisory Board of the African Development Bank and is a non-executive Director of Citibank. He has served in various roles within the United Nations, United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, the United Nations African Institute for Crime Prevention, the International Criminal court for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania, the department of Peacekeeping operations and the United Nations Peace Operations in Somalia.

Prof. Osibajo is Co-founder & Board Member Convention on Business Integrity and the Justice Research Institute Ltd. In 2007, Prof. and his wife Oludolapo founded "The Orderly Society Trust", a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to the promotion of Christian ethics and orderliness.
Professor Osibajo has authored, co-authored and edited several books and publications including "The Unification and Reform of the Nigerian Criminal Law and Procedure Codes" ;

"Law Development and Administration"; "The Annotated Civil Procedure rules of The Superior Courts in Nigeria"; and "Cross Examination: A Trial Lawyer's Most Potent Weapon".

He also pastors at Olive Tree House of Prayer for All Nations, Banana Island, a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and lives in Lagos with his wife and three children.

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