Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Did Jonathan Distribute Dollars to 25 Bloggers In Lagos?-By Morakinyo Olugbiji

So, President Goodluck Jonathan said he was hosting 'Nigerian youths' in Lagos over the weekend at the Eko Hotel Hotel & Suites.

Anyone reading this should know that I believe in the principle of supporting the individual, not the party.

Until last Sunday March 1st at the event where something disappointing was revealed to me, I had been a big fan of GEJ that despite so much being said about the corrupt nature of his administration and the news spreading everywhere that he's been busy buying everybody deemed important to his winning the 2015 election, I still saw him as an innocent man who has been widely misrepresented.
Now, If the allegation that the President and his handlers have compromised and corrupted more and more people during this election period is anything to go by, then they may have already brought some Nigerian bloggers into that cult!

Politics is a dirty game and I so hate the opposition being vindicated, but I'm now being tempted to want to believe Lagos state governor, Babatunde Fashola's accusation that the President is desperate, saying;"he(GEJ) was here(Lagos) for 5 days meeting with different people and groups, distributing money in dollars."

I was coming back from an event around Victoria Island, when I decided to stop by at the Eko Hotel venue of Jonathan's meeting with the so called "Nigeria youths".

Though it beats my imagination how politicians would just rally round some youths and paint a picture that they represent the entire Nigerian youths populace and the last time I checked, the biggest hall inside Eko hotel can only accommodate five thousand heads. One of the incidents that shocked me at this event while I was at the car lot and was about heading home with a colleague was the way a barrage of youths were complaining of not being paid because they came late to the event. So, I was like were the rest of the youths paid to attend the event and see Mr. President address them? But that's a topic for another day.

What I can confidently tell you is that the bloggers (about 25 of them) specially invited to the event were given N50K(Fifty Thousand Naira) after the event. This was in addition to the N200K(Two Hundred Thousand Naira) allegedly doled out to this same set of bloggers in American Dollars at an earlier secret meeting and lunch with the President at the State House, in Marina Lagos.

At the state house meeting, here is how President Jonathan allegedly addressed these 25 bloggers which he described as the 'key social media publishers and editors' while having lunch with them;

"Where is Doyin (Okupe) and Reuben (Abati) ,they both stood up..I wish to apologize to you all (the bloggers), because we as a government have not spent a dime on social media. Please don't blame Abati and Doyin if you have not been getting the type of supports that you need. I have come to realise the important role the social media play in information dissemination..Minutes after we must have spoken now, most people in UK, US and across the globe will be reading about this meeting..You, more than anything else plays a more bigger role than all the other conventional media .Your followership is huge especially among the youths who constitutes over 65 percent of our population. Let me assure you that our dealings with the social media practitioners will change in my next term..I'll work with you."

I wasn't at the Marina meeting, but not a few colleagues are discusing about everything that went down. But because even though I'm a blogger, I'm still practicing in the conventional media, which according to GEJ, his '25 chosen and anointed bloggers' are now more important than, let me protect their names and I'm not even allowed to reveal my source as I was trained in journalism school.

This development already brewing some disappointing reactions in some quarters of the media especially from those who swear they are in the know about these baptism of corruption allegedly carried out by the President and his men on the bloggers.

A colleague with an evening newspaper, who also claim to have privy information on happenings during the meeting shares his reaction;

"About 25 of them (bloggers) met with our daddy. I heard before they left State House, our ATM daddy dispensed American quid to all of my friends who were opportune to share lunch with him. My fear: more and more people are being corrupted and compromised!"

Another print journalist and blogger states; "25 people out of millions of them? They didn't even form a quorum! GEJ has not done anything worthy to be celebrated in his six years of ruling Nigeria! Now tell me why we need to talk good of such a man! The 25 people should get the America quip as my brother has tagged it and do the right thing! Don't sell your conscience because of a token. If these government has performed; the proliferation of bloggers wouldn't have been!"

If indeed, Jonathan made the above statement, what I've just got to say here is that utterances and moves such as the above from him are part of the reasons the oppositions often accuse him of not being 'intelligent enough', because the truth is, there are thousands of key players in the new media industry and every blogger no matter how small, is part of the web of content sharing/syndication which makes the new media the force it has become today. However, to invite just 25 bloggers and call them 'key social media publishers and editors' in the industry, to me is very ridiculous and further exposes GEJ's much touted ignorance.

You don't even have to give bloggers money. If you do well enough, they'll write well about you.

Thanks to a corruption tolerant government, It's no longer news that this corruption scourge has wrapped it self tight around every sector in Nigerian(the media inclusive), and with what allegedly happened at the meetings with GEJ, obviously those so bloggers are going to take front seat on the trend of social media corruption from this time onward, even if Jonathan does not return to make it a reality as he seemed to have promised them at the meeting.

What some of us will not stop doing is sounding the alarm to media practioners beit conventional or new, that collecting any gratification is unthetical and unprofessional; it will make you spell a thief as a chief.

Dis Na Temptation! Seyi Shay's provocative dress to meet Jonathan sparks reactions (Photos)

Singer Seyi Shay is currently under fire for this outfit she wore to meet Mr President at a youths event that took place in Lagos last Saturday as they believe the dress is indecent. Seyi is trending on Twitter at the moment. Comedian Wale Gates is one of those currently murdering the "Murda" singer on Twitter. See his tweets below...

Monday, 2 March 2015

Wizkid pictured with Gambia President

Here is a photo of Wizkid with the President of The
Gambia, Yahya Jammeh. The Nigerian Popstar performed at a show in the country last night.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Photos: First Lady Patience Jonathan hosts entertainers in Abuja

From Duncan Mighty to Kcee, Eucharia Anunobi, to Omoni Oboli, Ini Edo to Onyeka Onwenu, Yinka Davies to Bovi, Seyi Law, Ejike Asiegbu, Larry Koldsweat, Bob Manuel Odokwu, Timi Dakolo and many others, Patience Jonathan hosted everyone in Abuja yesterday Feb. 28th. See how they are all smiling, hope they haven't gotten something, If you know what we mean? See more photos below...

Photos: Pastor washes the sins of his members with bleach and soap

South Africa has some of the strangest behaving Pastors in the world. It's the same country that a particular pastor makes his congregation eat grass and drink fuel while another one has this habit of kicking his members belly in the name of deliverance. He even hit the belly of a pregnant member. Here is another one claiming to wash the sins of his congregation with soap detergent, bleach and water. The shocking aspect is how these members obey their pastors and allow them do weird things to them even though it's not written anywhere in the Bible! See more photos and the video below...

Watch now!

Photos: How a senior HR manager was wrongly branded in the media as Lagos airport cleaner who allegedly returned N12million

A few days ago, the story of a lady named Josephine Agwu, a Lagos airport toilet cleaner who found $27,000(around N12m) in a briefcase and returned it to the owner at the airport , circulated massively in the social media and was even a big story on the cover of top Nigerian newspapers including The Nigerian Tribune and popular evening tabloid, PM News.

The story was being peddled with the above photo and everyone hailed her for such a noble act, unfortunately the lady in the photo is not in anyway an airport cleaner but a high-profile HR executive with Smooth Promotions, owners of the popular music channel Hip-TV, Hiphop World Magazine and Hip-hop World Awards. See another photo of her below at the office...

We gathered that some bloggers and journalists just went on Facebook to search for Josephine Agwu and picked up her photo,without verifying if she was the real 'Josephine Agwu' being rumoured on Twitter to have returned the large sums of money.

Infact, no one has been able to confirm up till this moment that any cleaner returned a lost briefcase of money at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport where the incident reportedly happened.

The Josephine Agwu in the photo being paraded as a cleaner at the airport is a certified associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), with 11 years working experience as a HR practitioner, and graduated with Second Class Upper Division in Agricultural Economics and Extension from the Federal University of Technology, FUTO in Imo State.

She currently holds the position of a senior manager in charge of Human Resources at Smooth Promotions in Ikeja, Lagos.

It was even gathered that as a result of the story, which trended on social media and was even retweeted by some popular people including the former Minister of Education, Obiageli Ezekwesili and Ovation Publisher, Dele Momodu, the US Embassy in Lagos has reached out to Josephine Agwu to come for an award, which she declined.

The lady we gathered is greatly annoyed and embarrassed over this report by the media as her phone lines and emails have been buzzing with calls and messages from her friends, relatives and associates around the world congratulating her but baffled how she ended up becoming a cleaner at an airport despite her education and background.

If information is anything to go by, Josephine may be pressing some charges soon against these top media houses.

As at the time of writing this, the story is still trending on blogs. The CEO of Smooth Promotions, Ayo Animashaun tried to warned everyone with a tweet you'll find below, but most people didn't pay attention and only two people retweeted Ayo's warning. See more tweets below...

"I don't have H.I.V/AIDS" actor Hanks Anuku cries out!

Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku has cried out over a recent widespread report that he contracted the deadly H.I.V virus after sleeping with over 80 women during some of his trips to Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Anuku who is known for his bad boy role in movies was reported to have even deliberately infected his wife.

Anuku in a recent interview with NET said there was no iota of truth in the report and that he is hail and hearty.

He says he has never even been to Zambia before and that the rumour was the work of his enemies. He says he currently resides in Ghana and attends TB Joshua's church there.

Anuku however says that though the report hurts, he and his wife are taking it lightly because they are sure it's false.

He urged anyone who has evidence of his status to come out and challenge him live on TV.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Must-read! Singer-turned-writer Etcetra exposes Genevieve, Oritsefemi, Wizkid, Iyanya other 'fake and lying' celebs

Former musician turned columnist for Punch Newspaper, Etcetra, continues his attack on his colleagues in this latest article. Coming for Oritsefemi and his N200m new home which he says he owns in his dreams, Etcetra also hit hard on Genevieve, Iyanya, D'banj, and Wizkid and their multi million Naira homes that don't exist. This is a must-read!...

Again, I'm going to go out on a limb here to talk on a subject that may not be very popular or nice to Nigerian celebs, especially the guilty ones. I have said it severally that just because someone is a celebrity doesn't mean they are smart. They may have a talent or skill but many of them are not smart especially when it involves their finances. The old saying, "your lies will come back to haunt you" has never been more true than the recent cases of D'banj, Iyanya and Wizkid who are being kicked out of their homes after lying they owned the properties.

The residents of blogosphere boulevard were stunned when the news broke that D'banj got an eviction notice from his landlord and was also said to be highly indebted. Yes, it is hard to believe that someone of D'banj's status could actually be thrown out of his house. But for those who know that the Nigerian entertainment industry is built on lies and more lies, it didn't come as a surprise or a case of a cranky landlord. Entertainers are well rehearsed liars. They are not what they make you believe they are. Even the upcoming artist with just one song on radio issues a press release that they've bought a mansion in Lekki Phase One and a Range Sport SUV?

There was a time when it was strongly whispered that Don Jazzy and his crew owned Club Jonzing until the truth came out. You must have also heard that D'banj owns Koko Lounge. My brothers and sisters in habit of believing everything you hear, I wish you all knew how your favourite celebs laugh in their closet seeing you swallow the lies like fufu and draw soup. Let me give an example of how some artistes can be terrible liars, we were on a tour of five Nigerian cities with Basketmouth and his then Humour Unlimited monthly show sponsored by BAT.

When we got to Enugu, a certain artiste was snoring like a broken trailer exhaust pipe in the bus on our way from the event centre to the hotel. I tapped him hoping to stir him up to reduce his noise but I was shocked when he woke up immediately swearing that he wasn't snoring, that he was only trying to get our reaction. Our reaction? After snoring for about 20 minutes with a trail of saliva from one corner of his mouth to his shirt collar! O'boy some people can lie in Africa.

Did you hear it on breaking news when Iyanya bought a house in his dreams? His management must have thought it was a fantastic promo strategy then. If only they knew that not far into the future, Iyanya would be dragged by his balls across the floor of the internet, and that his aggrieved brother would take to twitter to inform everyone that Iyanya had been evicted (not from Project shame) from his dream mansion. Yes, it is double wahala for deadi-bodi and the owner of deadi-bodi but won't it be tripple wahala for Oritsefemi and his management when fans eventually discovered that the N200m mansion he purportedly bought some months back was actually bought in his dreams and not in the real world? How much does he charge per gig and how long has he been playing these gigs to be able to afford a mansion of that amount? Isn't it wonderful how naija entertainers think their fans and everyone else is shallow and gullible? 

Common sense should tell every artiste that these lies won't achieve anything but hurt their careers in the long run when the truth is eventually revealed. Like it was revealed this week that Wizkid's car hasn't been paid for. True, some naija musicians make a lot of money, but not the kind of money they want you to believe. Does Oritsefemi look the part of a N200m house owner even with all his body cream? The telco brand ambassadors who are being coerced into lying about their endorsement fees can't make such a preposterous claim not to talk of someone with no endorsement deal.

I shivered when I saw in some blogs over the week that Genevieve just bought a house in Ghana for a whopping $4m. This will go down as the grandmother of all lies told so far. Genny baybay, you should have asked yourself if there's any house worth $4m in the whole of Ghana, except you bought the Ghana National Theatre which by the way may not be worth $4m. These lies are getting dumber by the day. The worst thing that can happen to any man is believing his own lies. 

If we had a system where entertainers are taxed for their acquisitions, the ridiculous and unnecessary lies will stop. They will speak the truth and nothing but the truth or so help them God.

Wow! See the thousands who hit the streets in Cameroon in support of troops fighting against Boko Haram

Above are photos of the thousands of people who thronged the streets of Cameroon on Saturday to march in support of troops fighting terrorist group, Boko-Haram. This indeed will boost the morals of these men.

Photos: Hundreds of Nigerians hit the streets to support the Nigerian army

Hundreds of Nigerians throng the streets in Abuja on Saturday, February 28, 2015 to show love to the Nigerian troops working tirelessly to safeguard their lives, through a March past. Above is a photo of General Chris Olukolade addressing the crowd at the event. Really beautiful and nice. See more photos below...

Photos: Lady who 'gave' Amber Rose a big butt through injection exposes her while defending herself in court over death of Nigerian client

A transgender woman Padge-Victoria Windslowe who is a cosmetic surgery administrator is currently facing a man-slaughter trial over the death of Nigerian dancer Claudia Aderotimi after a failed service.

Windslowe while standing before a judge says the death of the Nigerian wasn't her fault having successful administer butt injections to many clients including celebrities such as Amber Rose.

The cosmetic surgery practitioner had no choice but to name Amber Rose to defend herself while she was swearing under an oath in court.

According to her, Amber started receiving injections from her before she became famous and that the last time she patronised her was two days before the death of Claudia, her Nigerian client in 2011;

She even went as far as disclosing that Kanye West once dropped off Amber at her clinic for a butt enlargement procedure while they were dating.

Paige-Victoria who told the court that although she was not licensed, celebs patronise her because she was the best in the business, claimed she was supposed to perform a "correction" on Nicki Minaj which never happened.

"Amber was like a walking billboard. She brought a lot of girls from VH1," the lady. exposed Amber further.

The Mavins Crew releases new 2015 photos

These photos of the Mavins crew has just been released! Featuring all the Mavin artists including Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and Di'Ja. But it was definitely shot before Tiwa Savage's pregnancy became obvious or even before she became pregnant. See all the photos below...

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