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Photos: Meet 4 Nigerians to be executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking

Here are the photos and profiles of the 4 Nigerians who are to be executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking.

Martin Anderson: 50 year old Martin Anderson (above) was arrested in Jakarta in 2003 on a charge of possessing about 1.8 ounces of heroin and was accused of being part of a local drug ring. He had traveled to Indonesia on a fake Ghanaian passport and has been incorrectly identified as Ghanaian. He was sentenced to death in 2004. According to his lawyer, Kusmanto, who like many Indonesians uses one name, Mr. Anderson was shot in the leg during his arrest — a method the Indonesian police are sometimes known to use when apprehending a suspect — and remains bothered by the wound to this day.
He has been in poor spirits since being transferred to Nusakambangan Island for execution, Mr. Kusmanto said. Mr. Anderson has filed for a judicial review of his conviction and death sentence with the Supreme Court, but his lawyer said he feared the court would not consider the appeal until after he is executed. Such appeals can take six months to be heard, Mr. Kusmanto said. “Obviously we hope it’s sooner.” 

Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise, 47, Nigeria - Smuggling Heroin

Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise’s story, as his wife tells it, is similar to those of other Nigerians on Indonesia’s death row for drug trafficking. Unemployed in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, he was lured to Pakistan by fellow Nigerians on the promise of a job with good wages.

But once in Pakistan, instead of a job, he got an offer to swallow some capsules – filled with goat horn powder, his wife, Fatimah Farwin, says he was told – and fly to Indonesia.

“They said they didn’t want to pay tax on it,” Ms. Fatimah said. “When he arrived at the airport in Jakarta, the police saw him – I don’t know how – they caught him and X-rayed him, and they found it and it was drugs.”

Arrested in 2001, Mr. Nwolise was convicted the following year of bringing 2.6 pounds of heroin into the country, and was sentenced to death.

During his trial, according to Ms. Fatimah, Mr. Nwolise had no translator, and his Indonesian lawyer could barely communicate with him. She said that a judge, through an intermediary, offered to sentence him to prison rather than death if he paid a bribe of 200 million rupiah, worth about $22,000 at the time.

“But he was just a poor courier. He didn’t have any money,” Ms. Fatimah said.

Ms. Fatimah, who is Indonesian, met Mr. Nwolise in prison in 2007, when she was accompanying a friend who was visiting another inmate. The two married later that year; they have since had two children, now 5 and 3, but she has not brought them to see him since they were infants. She has told them that their father is working in an office in another country.

In January, the Indonesian police accused Mr. Nwolise of running a drug syndicate from prison. No charges were brought, but Ms. Fatimah, who says emphatically that her husband is innocent of the accusation, believes it resulted in his being placed in the group of inmates now facing imminent execution.

“Some woman on the outside blamed him,” Ms. Fatimah said, referring to a police informant, “but when they came to his cell, they never found anything – never, never, never. He never had a trial and next thing, they wanted to execute him.”

Jamiu Owolabi Abashin, 50, Nigeria - Smuggling Heroin

Jamiu Owolabi Abashin was living on the streets of Bangkok in 1998 when a fellow African living there took pity on him and brought him home. Shortly thereafter, according to Mr. Abashin, his new friend asked whether he wanted a quick-paying job, in which he would get $400 for bringing a package of clothing to the friend’s wife in Surabaya, Indonesia, where she sold used shirts and pants.

Mr. Abashin readily agreed, but soon wished he hadn’t: The package contained nearly 12 pounds of heroin, and he was arrested after landing at Surabaya’s airport. Mr. Abashin, who was traveling on a false Spanish passport, contended he was duped.

He was convicted in 1999 and sentenced to life in prison, which was reduced to 20 years on appeal. State prosecutors challenged the sentence reduction before the Indonesian Supreme Court, which in 2006 sentenced Mr. Abashin to death.

In a request for presidential clemency in 2008, he admitted knowingly smuggling the drugs. The request was denied in January.

The Indonesian government refers to him as Raheem Agbaje Salami, the name on the fake Spanish passport he was using when he was arrested.

Ursa Supit, an Indonesian legal activist who is advocating on Mr. Abashin’s behalf, says that because he had no money, he was assigned a state lawyer for his trial and had no legal counsel when he appealed to the Supreme Court.

Mr. Abashin, who now has a lawyer, is challenging Mr. Joko’s rejection of his clemency request.

“He has been inside now for 17 years, and he has never broken a rule inside,” Ms. Supit said. “And now they are going to execute him. He’s never had money for lawyers. It’s not fair.” 

Okwudili Oyatanze, 41, Nigeria - Smuggling heroin The YouTube clip shows what seems to be a typical Sunday religious service at a small church. A young African man, accompanied by an Asian guitarist, sings a heartfelt gospel song as the audience sings along. But the camera does not show the security guards, iron bars and barbed wire fences that would have indicated this was no ordinary place.

The singer, Okwudili Oyatanze, was giving his regular performance at a penitentiary outside the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Known in Indonesia’s penal system as “The Death Row Gospel Singer,” Mr. Oyatanze, 41, was arrested in 2001 while trying to smuggle 5.5 pounds of heroin through Jakarta’s international airport, in his stomach, after arriving on a flight from Pakistan. He was convicted the following year and sentenced to death.

Mr. Oyatanze has made the most of his incarceration, writing more than 70 songs and recording multiple albums behind bars. He has performed with prison guards as well as fellow inmates.

In the video, shot in 2008, Mr. Oyatanze sang his song “God You Know,” which was also the name of an album he released that year.

“He has turned his life around in jail,” said the Rev. Charles Burrows, a Catholic priest from Ireland who now lives in Indonesia and is offering religious counseling to Mr. Oyatanze as he awaits his execution.

Raised in outheastern Nigeria, Mr. Oyatanze started a garment business in 1999, traveling to Indonesia to buy clothing and resell it in Nigeria. The business collapsed, and Mr. Oyatanze, heavily in debt, traveled to Pakistan to try to revive it, at the suggestion of a fellow Nigerian living there.

The plan involved swallowing capsules of heroin before boarding a flight to Jakarta. “There was a chance to earn some easy money, so he became a courier,” Mr. Burrows said.


Nollywood Movie: 'Anniversary' Producer GREGORY ONUDA Urges General Buhari To Assist In Eradicating Piracy

Gregory Onuda is the CEO of OGPLUS International Films. A top Nollywood producer, Gregory who is reputed for such great flicks as  "Sasha", "The Living Ghost", "Scam" and his recent work, "Anniversary", is a member of  AMP (Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria). In a couple of weeks time, Gregory is set to premiere his much talked about, high definition romantic drama movie, titled "Anniversary" directed by prolific film maker, Afe Olumowe. During the interview, Gregory speaks more about the movie, the industry and particularly how the president-elect, General Buhari has a major task of bringing his much touted 'change' to bear in Nollywood. 


May we meet you?

My name is Gregory Onuda. I hail from Edo State and I am a movie producer. I have a couple of movies to my credit, for example "Sasha", "The Living Ghost", "Scam" and "Anniversary" which Is my most recent movie. We are hoping to show the movie "Anniversary" in the cinemas across the country and beyond because we utilized state-of-the-art equipment, high grade casts, good locations in shooting the movie. It's a very big project and I have to say it cost us a lot to achieve and I'm very optimistic it will appeal to a wider audience. 

How much did it cost you?

It cost us quite a lot, in monetary terms and man power.

Many Producers seem to be eyeing the Cinemas lately, but despite the Cinema trend, you still find producers complaining about piracy, why is that so?

As a matter of fact, that's one of the challenges we've been facing for years now. This has become a common fear in the minds of producers because you don't want to put so much into a movie and at the end of the day, some hoodlums or heartless set of people will try to frustrate your effort. We just have to look for a way to curb this menace in our society. We also hope the incoming government can help in this regard.

Do you think government is trying for Nollywood, particularly do you think that the outgoing administration did something tangible for the industry despite all the Aso-Rock visits by members of AGN/AMP?

In the past we didn't really feel government attention. But with due respect to the outgoing administration and in all honesty, a lot has been done to assist the industry.  One of the outgoing administration is the Project ACT Nollywood initiative which was created to support producers with funds to produce movies. Some producers benefited from the said  initiative and hopefully that could help to better the quality of movies in the coming years. The incoming administration needs to take a cue from this great initiative. Most important of all, I would like to use this medium to challenge the president elect, General Buhari to look closely into the possibility of assisting Nollywood to fight piracy which has badly affected the industry.

Really, how will President Buhari do that?

It should be easy if the government sees it as a priority. Nollywood has done a lot to project a good image for Nigeria and I think it makes a lot of sense if the government gives Nollywood the attention and support it deserves. Take a look at the amazing things we are doing with the little we have. All that Nollywood needs is a government that is committed to improving the industry. 

Tell us about your new movie, Anniversary?

Anniversary is a story about a man who pretends to be the perfect husband, an honest man and everybody saw him like that. Even his wife could bet her life for his 'uprightness'. But the events that unfolded in the course of the movie will keep you glued to your seats. More than 50% of all spouses are victims of infidelity, which means that one spouse in most marriages will suffer the greatest marital pain  possible. Infidelity can shatter even the strongest relationship, leaving behind feelings of betrayal, guilt, and anger. This is a very touching story and worth your time and money for your ticket and popcorn. The movie features top Nollywood actors like Gideon Okeke, Ebube Nwagbo, zynell lydia zuh, Elikem kumordzi, Juliet Ibrahim and her sister, Sonia Ibrahim and a host of others. Anniversary will be premiered in a couple of weeks from now in Ghana, Nigeria, Europe and America. 

It's been nice talking to you Mr. Onuda, so what should we expect from now?

It's my pleasure. Please expect the premiere in a couple of weeks. We are premiering in Ghana, Nigeria, the U.K and U.S. I'll definitely keep you posted. Thanks so much for having me.

My wife, Abigail Igwe (Adaeze Igwe's mum) tried to kill me for having threesome-John Fashanu confesses

In 2011, former footballer John Fashanu married Abigail Igwe, Adaeze's mother, fast forward to 2015 and John, 52, claims Abigail tried to kill him after she found him having a threesome...

UK Mirror reports

Soccer legend John Fashanu has accused his wife of trying to kill him – after she allegedly found him bedding two women at the same time. The retired former Wimbledon and England striker said estranged Abigail Onyekwelu went for him with a knife during a furious row at their home.
Fashanu, also a former Gladiators host, is now at the centre of a bitter divorce battle with Abigail – and insists she cheated on him with a woman. She denies his claims and the ­astonishing battle – which includes the ­accusation that he bedded their maid – is to be played out in the high court in Abuja, Nigeria.
Furious Abigail, 48, said last night: "Good riddance to bad rubbish! I've left him and washed my hands."

But Fashanu, 52 – dubbed Fash the Bash for his hardman reputation in Wimbledon's famous "Crazy Gang" – hit back with an extraordinary series of allegations.
He said he had to call in police to protect him from knife-wielding Abigail and was devastated to find her in bed with another woman.

He also alleged that she stole thousands of pounds in cash from their marital home.
Speaking exclusively to the Sunday People the star – who now presents the Nigerian version of TV's Deal or No Deal – said: "She attempted to use knives on me. It was terrifying.
"My life was at stake, there's no two ways about that.
"Even if you did think I was sleeping with the maid, or even if you thought I was sleeping with Miss Nigeria, don't kill me! Just leave me and go. The ­violence was just too much."

6ft 2in Fashanu added: "My life was at risk and I didn't want it to happen again. That's why I filed for divorce."
He denied his wife's claim to have discovered him in bed with two other women – one of them their maid.
"I've been very fortunate to date some of the most beautiful women in the world," Fash insisted. "I certainly don't have to sleep with my cleaner!
"This is me, John Fashanu, you're talking to. It's absolute nonsense. If she wants to make up that ­story, at least let her say it's Beyoncé or someone.
"Don't say it's my cleaner, that's just b******s. It's not true at all.
"The truth is she's been cheating on me with a woman she calls her spiritual partner.
"I caught them in the bed many times. That was why I kicked her out of my house."

Abigail is the mother of former beauty queen Adaeze Yobo. Fashanu met her in 2009. They married two years later but the relationship hit the skids last year.

Father-of-five Fashanu claimed police are now investigating an attack on him. He also ­alleged that officers are trying to retrieve missing cash from Abigail.

He said: "I'm the one who is filing for divorce. I couldn't stand her and, to be honest, she probably couldn't stand me. With Abigail it was just money, money, money.
"I've never seen a woman who has such an appetite for money. Nearly one million Nigerian naira (around £3,300) was stolen from my house in Abuja. There are police reports you can see.
"There were so many assaults, it was just getting too much. It was absolutely ridiculous. She attacked me on multiple occasions. The whole situation was far too hot for me. There are some wonderful, wonderful women. It's just that I met the wrong one."

Glamorous socialite Abigail, a ­qualified lawyer and mother-in-law to former Nigerian football captain Joseph Yobo, paints a totally different picture of the marriage breakdown.

The mother of four said: "John's saying I tried to kill him? Oh my God, this is so funny. I don't quite ­understand all this.
"How can I kill him? How can ­somebody like me kill this huge man who is an expert in karate. I don't ­understand how I can kill him."
Told that he had accused her of going to his house armed with knives before trying to attack him, Abigail retorted: "Oh my God, that is ridiculous."
She also rejected Fashanu's claim that he threw her out of his house
after finding her in bed with another woman.

Abigail said: "He didn't kick me out of his house. We were living in my house. He couldn't have kicked me out of my own house – I kicked him out."

Of the woman concerned, she ­insisted: "She is a good friend to me. She has a husband and children. It is ridiculous. She was living with me for a while to get back on her feet."
Abigail went on: "I caught him in bed with two women, the housemaid and one other woman. There were two women, it was awful.
"They were on the bed. They were undressed. I said to them, 'Who are you and what's going on here?'
"He told me that he doesn't know what he's doing and I should pray for him. He knows how to manipulate people, that's one thing he is good at.
"I last saw him in April last year. I didn't know he'd filed for divorce. He has been calling people asking them to plead with me to get back with him.

"I would have filed for divorce myself but I haven't because I've been very busy. And he asked me not to because he did not want to make it known that we had separated.
"So I went on my way and I left him but I didn't tell anybody anything.
"I've told him, 'I don't want you any more, I have forgiven you, I'm a Christian. But I don't want you any more, just leave me alone.'

I don't take him seriously. I don't have time for him. If I should be angry at anyone, I should be angry at myself for descending so low as to enter into marriage with such a person."
Responding to claims she stole money from Fashanu, Abigail added: "Anybody can say anything – but how can I go to his house and steal from him in his house?

"I wasn't living there with him. He's sick and he needs help."

Wife Abigail claims he has fathered six children by three different women.
Meanwhile he added: "I filed the ­divorce petition in September and it's listed for mention on the 19th of next month at the court in Abuja. We're trying to move it through."

Trekking Trend? Another Buhari supporter begins trek from Yola to Abuja

A supporter of Buhari, identified as Abubakar Duduwale , has set for a walk from Yola in Adamawa to Abuja.  He told newsmen in Yola on Saturday at the onset of the walk that the adventure was to express his joy over the emergence of Buhari as president-elect.

Duduwale, from Yola North Local Government Area of Adamawa and Chamba by tribe, reportedly began the journey at Yola Gate on Yola-Numan highway at about 6:30 a.m.

He said he had wanted to start the journey a day after the Independent National Electoral Commission announced Buhari as a winner but somebody from Lagos pre-empted him.
"The reason why I am trekking from Yola to Abuja is to express my joy and solidarity with President -elect Muhammadu Buhari. I want to trek from Yola to Abuja to witness the inauguration ceremony of President elect, Duduwale said.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that Suleiman Hashimu (pictured above), a supporter of Buhari had earlier undertaken such walk from Lagos to Abuja which he concluded recently.

APC warns against hijacking structure in Kogi, writes President Elect

Press Release

APC warns against hijacking structure in Kogi, writes President-elect

The All Progressives Congress in Kogi state, has informed the party's national leadership and President elect General Mohammadu Buhari of plans to hijack the party structure by selfish politicians in the state.

Chairman APC Kogi Central Senatorial District Action Committee, Hon Suleiman Ibrahim in letter describes the call for Prince Abubakar Audu to 'Step aside from the party's leadership in the zone' is unfortunate, misleading and ploy to hijack the partys structure after its successful outing ath the last general election.

He said Prince Audu's leadership of the APC in Kogi State is neither self imposed nor appointed, "but by virtue of the position of the party's organizational policy that where the party has a sitting Governor, the sitting Governor automatically leads the party, and where as in the case of Kogi State which has a former elected Governor as earned by Prince Abubakar Audu, he coordinates the affairs and leads the party."

Ibrahim urges the APC National Leadership and our role model Mr. President – elect to disregard misleading messages from politicians who are not known in Ebira land or Okene during the preparation for the successful story of APC in the last elections under the able leadership of Prince Audu in Kogi State.

"These politicians and their leadership, are absurd and unknown to the party in Kogi Central Zone and in Kogi State as a whole. They never contributed morally, materially and monetarily towards the progress of APC in Kogi State and thus their short cut measure of courting attention is to disparage a hard working Leader of our party in Kogi State."

See full letter below:

Office Of The
Zonal Vice Chairman
Kogi Central Senatorial
District-Kogi State


The All Progressives Congress, Kogi Central Senatorial District wishes to refer to the above misleading news item, and thus State as follows;

His Excellency, Prince Abubakar Audu's leadership of the APC in Kogi State is neither self imposed nor appointed, but by virtue of the position of the party's organizational policy that where the party has a sitting Governor, the sitting Governor automatically leads the party, and where as in the case of Kogi State which has a former elected Governor as earned by Prince Abubakar Audu, he coordinates the affairs and leads the party. Therefore asking Prince Abubakar Audu to ''Step aside from the party's leadership in the zone'' is unfortunate and misleading.
In the second paragraph of their cankerous letter to the President –elect, they went further to demand that" the president –elect Gen. Muhammadu Buhari prevails on Audu to allow the rule of law and the wind of change to take roots in the zone"
This statement against the esteem person of Price Abubakar Audu is not only laughable, but full of absolute ignorance. Because His Excellency Prince Abubakar Audu as our leader in Kogi state is not known to have ever constituted himself into judicial court where-in the rule of law was trampled upon!
c.These faceless self acclaimed Elders masquerading in the name of elders vanguard went further to mislead the National leadership of our great party by wrongly asserting that "Audu was more interested in building structures for his governorship ambition than working for the collective good of the party".
APC under his leadership in Kogi state found this statement to be untrue and laden with absurdity. Prince Abubakar Audu not only funded the party in Kogi state he extended his concern and commitment towards the success of our party candidates in the recently concluded General elections in other States outside Kogi State. Do we say as wrongly claimed by these mischievous writers that Prince Audu is looking for Governor in these other states where he sent his personal hard earned money to ensure the success of our great party in those states? In addition, no candidate, who went through the last elections in Kogi State who did not receive the personal monetary support from Prince Abubakar Audu.
d.How Ignorant these self acclaimed elder vanguard are by stating that Audu lives in the past and does not believe in change. We, the active members of the APC in Kogi state and other Nigerians will agree with us that Prince Abubakar Audu is not dead and therefore cannot be said to be living in the past. The man is well focused and he is the only political leader in Kogi State that remains in the opposition party since 1999 till date. And he is one of the founding fathers of the wind of change "APC" in Nigeria.
e. Isa Sani Omolori and his cohorts were not near the activities of our party APC since its emergence. In fact, Isa Sani Omolori lives in a farm settlement along Kaduna road and thus never return home in a long time, he does not have the knowledge of how our candidates emerged in preparation for the 2015 general elections.
Prince Abubakar Audu never imposed on the people of central senatorial zone any candidate before, during and after our party primaries. For purposes of clarity, we wish to state that our state Assembly candidates were product of the leaders from Central Senatorial Zone and not Prince Abubakar Audu's choice. For instance, Senator Ohiare nominated the candidates for Ajaokuta, and imposed that of Okehi constituency on the party. The state party chairman, Haddy Ametuo was instrumental to the emergence of our Adavi constituency candidate and many more. Where then can any reasonable person holds Prince Abubakar Audu as being responsible for the poor performance, if any, of our party during the State Assembly election? As for those whom these masquerading elders and their sponsors encouraged to take the party and its candidates to court in respect of National Assembly primaries, the National Leadership of our party is looking into their case and they will soon be sanctioned appropriately.
The National Leadership of our Party and our role model Mr. President – elect should disregard the misleading message from those faceless self acclaimed Elder Vanguard.
That Isa Sani Omolori who Claimed to be the Chairman of the said non-existing Elder Vanguard was not known in Ebira land or Okene during the enduring preparation for the successful story of APC in the last elections under the able leadership of His Excellency Prince Abubakar Audu in Kogi State whose name is synonymous with the resounding victory achieved by the party.
That these faceless Elders Vanguard and their leadership, are absurd and therefore, unknown to the party in Kogi Central Zone and in Kogi State as a whole. They never contributed morally, materially and monetarily towards the progress of APC in Kogi State and thus their short cut measure of courting attention is to disparage a hard working Leader of our party in Kogi State.

Chairman APC Action Committee
Kogi Central Senatorial District

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Rochas Okorocha declared winner Of Imo State Governorship election+ Ikpeazu, Ishaku also win Abia, Taraba

The incumbent Governor Rochas Okorocha has secured victory after today's supplementary polls to conclude the inconclusive governorship election in Imo State. Mr. Okorocha, who is the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has beaten Emeka Ihedioha, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by 416,996 votes.   Mr. Ihedioha scored 320,705 votes.

In declaring Mr. Okorocha as winner in Owerri early morning in Nigeria, the Returning officer stated that the total number of valid votes amounted to 782,528.

Meanwhile, Ikpeazu of Abia and Ishaku of Taraba have also been declared winner of their states respectively.

Exclusive: Ihedioha allegedly pays secret visit to Gov. Okorocha; pleads For soft landing (Photo)

On night of Friday, April 24 which happened to be the eve of the governorship election re-run in Imo state, PDP candidate, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha was reportedly spotted at Douglas House in company of former governor Achike Udenwa.

Sources in the governors lodge venue of the secret parley said Gov Okorocha was taken aback when he got a call from Udenwa, his kinsman from Orlu Zone and predecessor intimating him that Ihedioha wants him(Udenwa) to bring him to see the governor for a private chat.

While Owelle Okorocha was still trying to digest the shocking request, a black colored Toyota Avenza, 2014 model, tinted all round drove him and the duo with 2 other aides to government house.

Our source said Ihedioha went on his knees pleading for forgiveness that he was deceived by PDP national and his aides. He was alleged to have said he regretted his political misadventure that has cost him all his savings and political capital. Our source who pleaded not to be named further said, the Deputy Speaker said he regretted not following the way of the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal who is now Governor-Elect of Sokoto State inspite of the governors invitation to that effect in the past. He said Ihedioha confessed that he is aware that today's runoff is a mere "academic exercise" and asked to be considered for appointment in the new government. He said it will be embarrassing for a whole Deputy Speaker to be an ordinary citizen so soon.

Our source who is a close confidante and aide to the governor from Owerri Zone said the governor told Ihedioha that it was too late for him to retreat now as he refused to heed to advise in the past. The governor requested him to openly apologize and compensate his kinsman from the same Mbutu and his SSA on a media, Mr Sam Onwuemeodo who was arrested twice and battered by security men sent by the DS. Owelle was quoted to have said that "Iwe nwanne agaghi eru na okpukpu" but told the DS to remain in the race reminding him that 'Okechukwu' Buhari, the President - Elect had made it known that there will not be appointments for defectors but assured him that he will not be harassed as long as he goes about his legitimate business.

The Deputy Speaker our source said the Deputy Speaker wore his usual trade mark green cap left the lodge looking despondent and disappointed and drove off in a haste not to be seen.

Our source who had called our correspondent on phone for the breaking news further gave a picture of the meeting to confirm his story.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Actress Chika Ike celebrates not having sex for 5months

The actress announced embarking on a journey to celibacy five months ago. But how are we supposed to know, when no meter to measure the activities down there has been invented.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Photo of a Nigerian old woman smoking weed

What caption can one give a picture like this?

Nigerian soldiers "chicken out" from Sambisa forest

Nigerian troops have pulled back from their ongoing operations in Sambisa forest after 3 members of a government approved vigilante were killed by landmines setup by Boko Haram in the deadly forest today April 23rd.

The soldiers and the vigilante group members made an entry into the deadly forest on Sunday April 20th to destroy the sect members camps in the forest and if possible liberate the missing Chibok girls.

Reuters reports that a soldier who confirmed the retreat of the Nigerian troops said
"The soldiers have retreated to Bama because of mines. They had been on the road but that made them vulnerable, so they moved to the bush but there are mines planted there (too),"
A member of the vigilante group, Muhammad Mungonu, while confirming the recent development said
"Three of our boys were killed by a landmine as we progressed into Sambisa. We've suspended going farther."

Top Of The World! Actor Alex Ekubo goes skydiving in London (Photos)

When Davido went skydiving in his recent video featuring South African group, Uhuru, many claim it was not really. Obviously, Skydiving is one of the most dreaded adventures and has somewhat become the exclusive preserve of the bold. Nigerian Actor/model Alex Ekubo decided to prove his boldness and sky dive while on holiday in London. The actor who shared the photos online, was a former runner up at the Mister Nigeria male pageant and later went on to become a prolific actor. Many will easily remember him as "Johnny" having featured in the hit song of the same tiltle by singer Yemi Alade. More photos below...

Photos: see the scary thing Abia residents woke up to this morning

Abia state residents woke up to find this coffin at a particular junction this morning. The inscription on the coffin is threatening them that they'll die if they didn't vote a particular party in the governorship re-run election to be conducted on Saturday April 25th. See another photo below...

Sexy Actress, Funmi Awelewa Storms Location With "Amidu Amida"

New but wave making Yoruba actress, Funmi Awelewa and her crew will soon storm location for the shooting of her first movie titled,AMIDU AMIDA. It is a story of a set of twins who turned nuisance in the community. How they became notorious terrors in the axis was unknown to anyone. The multi-talented actress will be going to the location in ibadan by tomorrow April 24th 2015 alongside Fuji Musician Alhaji Taiye Currency, Wale Akorede (Okunnu), Baba Aderupoko, Ojopagogo, Toyosi Adesanya, Ibrahim Chatta, Akin Olaiya, Taiwo Ibikunle, Sunkanmi Omobolane, Ayanfe Adekunle (Monsuru), Mukaila (Oyinbo to sé Kosté), Tawa Ajisefinni, Bukola Adeeyo, Omolara Samuel, Akin Kolapo, Temitope Solaja, Oluwatobiloba Abraham who are to star in the flick. Amidu Amida will be directed by Abiola Paul Bogunmbe.

Photos of Ini Edo as a secondary school girl

Wow! She has come a long way!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Photos from actress Ebube Nwagbo's Accra wedding

Actress Ebube Nwagbo has gotten married in Ghana to her heartthrob, Harry. Ok, before you start getting